14th May

Changes to Phlebotomy

NHS England have refused to negotiate with General Practice regarding the cost of providing blood tests - this practice makes a loss on every blood test undertaken. All Northamptonshire practices are therefore we will only be doing blood tests requested by our own GPs - if the hospital requests that you need a blood test, unfortunately you will need to have this done at the hospital it will be refused at the practice. 

This is not a decision the partners at the practice have taken lightly but something has to give - practices are handing back their contracts to NHS England as they are unable to financially run their practices & we do not want to be one of these.

To book an appointment at Northampton General Hospital (NGH):

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you but ask that you support general practice in its fight to gain the recognition it deserves from NHS England.


April Appointments
11th May

April Appointments

We appreciate your frustrations as many of you struggle to obtain an appointment where it felt previously you were able to get one more freely. 

General Practice has had to change over the past few years due to lack of funding & forever changing targets set by NHS England & the Government. But, we have been busy, delivering 7️⃣,4️⃣9️⃣9️⃣ appointments to our patient population in April, as well as unseen work not shown here. 

General Practice existed decades before the NHS arrived, & over time, GP practices have had to adapt, modernise, use technology, & embrace the talents of the multidisciplinary team. 

You can still book appointments over front desk or over the telephone, but only when we have one available. The faults with the NHS, lack of appointments, & demand, are not the responsibility of our hard working reception staff.

Only a percentage of our appointments are now available to book online, this is to ensure we can care navigate & signpost patients to the most appropriate clinician, not always the GP. 

Appointments with GPs are bookable by reception on the day, 7 days & 14 days in advance depending on need, but when they are booked we have no choice but to direct you elsewhere & to utilise online services to help you. 

Please #BeKind to #TeamGNWMP, we are all doing our best to help 💙🌈

Appointment Expectations
11th May

What should I expect from my hospital or community appointment?

For some years, practices throughout Northamptonshire have been asked to organise work that should, by right, be completed either by the Hospitals or the Community Trusts (NHFT), even though no additional resources were offered to help us do this.

Unfortunately, mounting primary care challenges mean this activity can no longer be sustained. Our practices are working harder than ever, and some are reaching breaking points. 90% of patient contacts occur in primary care, even though we get just 8% of the NHS budget.

Northamptonshire’s population is experiencing increasingly complex challenges that must be supported, so we can no longer commit to conducting unfunded activity that should be completed elsewhere. After much consideration, practices right across the county have advised the leadership that they can no longer undertake this unfunded activity.

From 1st May 2024, we are asking the Hospitals and NHFT to complete all their own work. We will return correspondence to them where necessary. If needed, we aim to direct you to the best hospital point of contact to help resolve your issue. Meanwhile, if you have any concerns or comments about these changes, then please email them to the address below:

GP Appointments
8th Apr

GP Appointments - February 2024

  • Around 30.5 million standard (non-COVID-19 vaccination) appointments were booked in February 2024, with an average of 1.45m appointments being delivered per working day. This is lower than the average of 1.48m appointments per working day the previous month.
  • An average of 1.40m appointments per day were booked in the past year (March 2023– February 2024).
  • The number of COVID-19 vaccination appointments decreased significantly from about 11,700 in January 2024 to approximately 140 in February 2024.
  • In terms of access, the proportion of appointments booked to take place the same day has decreased slightly from the previous month: 43.5% of appointments in February 2024 were booked to take place on the same day, compared to almost 45% in January 2024.

Appointments booked to take place face to face stayed the same – about 67% of appointments in both January 2024 and February 2024. 45.2% of appointments were delivered by a GP in February 2024: a slight decrease since the previous month (45.5%).

NHS Digital
8th Apr

GP Workforce - February 2024

  • There are 32 fewer fully qualified, full-time equivalent GPs in February 2024 than January 2024, the first month showing a fall in FTE numbers after seven months of sustained increases. We have the equivalent of 1,862 fewer fully qualified full-time GPs than we did in September 2015.
  • The number of GP practices in England has decreased by 105 over the past year – reflecting a long-term trend of closures as well as mergers. This fall in both staff numbers and GP practice coincides with a rise in patients: as of February 2024, there was another record-high of 63.20 million patients registered with practices in England – an average of 10,018 patients registered per practice.
  • As a result, each full-time equivalent GP is now responsible for an average of 2,298 patients. This is an increase of 360 patients per GP, or nearly 19%, since 2015, demonstrating the ever-mounting workload in general practice
5th Apr

Contacting the surgery

Some of our patients are waiting longer than we would like to get through to us. We can appreciate this frustration & wanted to explain what our patients can do to help alleviate the long waits & demands on us.
Last month, we received over 13,000 telephone calls into the surgery, this was the equivalent of 82.8% of our patient population.
Our busiest times are 0800-1100 hrs, this is consistent across all days. If you are looking for an appointment on the same day (for a matter that cannot be dealt with by a local pharmacy or should be seen at A&E) it is best to use patient triage ➡️ to save waiting on the telephone or telephone as early as you can. If your matter is not urgent, please telephone later in the day.
On the day demand is booked with a member of our duty team & can be at either site, usually a face to face appointment. Routine appointments are bookable up to 14 days in advance for GPs or up to 28 days for all other clinicians. They are a mix of face to face or telephone consultations.
We do not have infinite resource, but #TeamGNWMP will care navigate to help, to work with you to find the right support for your issue. This will mean that when you get through to us they may ask additional questions. This is to #HelpUsHelpYou & we ask that you are as honest as possible with them. It may mean that they direct you to another service not in the practice, for example the pharmacy, who can help.
The average call time for incoming calls is 5 minutes, we try & spend time with everyone to ensure they get the quality of service that we would like to receive, this can mean it may take us longer to get to you.
It would really help us if you have a pen & paper (or electronic diary open) when you call us to make an appointment. Some of the calls we receive are for patients checking their appointment time. You can also do this via SystmOnline or NHS App.
Your local pharmacy is the best place to go for any minor ailments such as coughs & colds, rashes, vaginal thrush, headaches, back pain or things like viruses.
Please do not be upset if you are directed to them after you have waited on the telephone to speak to us, it is not the fault of our Reception team, if it is clinically the right place to go.
If you have an injury that you think might need stitches, or an xray you need to go to A&E, we cannot stitch or request urgent rays, you are not wasting the hospitals time if you need them you must go there.
We are sorry we cannot take requests for prescriptions over the telephone. This is not because we are lazy, medication is complicated. It is so we know exactly what you want & at what dose. Requests received verbally can easily be misheard or misunderstood.
Many things that you telephone us for can be done over SystmOnline or the NHSApp. You can look at your records, order your medication & find out the result of your tests. This saves you & us time.
Our website is also full of useful information.
If you are unsure if its us or the hospital or somewhere else you need to contact, you can ring 111 or use the symptom checker on line (
Thank you.
25th Feb


Download the latest NHS App update.

The NHS App has been redesigned to make it simpler and easier to access NHS services.

Some items have moved within the App, but all the health services you need are still available. Your settings will remain the same before and after the update too. 

The new, user-friendly version of the NHS App makes it easier to: 

- order repeat prescriptions 

- book appointments 

- access 111 Online

- view your GP record

and much more…

Need some help using the NHS App? Use the in-app Help feature or visit

Pharmacy First
25th Feb

Pharmacy First

The new Pharmacy First scheme has launched, meaning you can now get treatment for 7 common ailments directly from your pharmacist instead of needing your GP. 

The 7 conditions are:

  • impetigo
  • ear ache
  • sinusitis
  • sore throats
  • insect bites
  • shingles
  • uncomplicated urine infection
9th Dec 2023


Welcome to our new website. 

Through our website, we hope to improve our services for our patients and enable you to find information you require.  If you would like us to feature anything on our website please let us know via email to