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Welcome to Greens Norton & Weedon Medical Practice (GNWMP).  We have approximately 14,500 registered patients, cared for by an effective, dedicated, and comprehensive primary healthcare team, which includes GPs, Nurse Practitioners, Practice Nurses, Clinical Pharmacists, Social Prescribers, First Contact Physio, Paramedics, Podiatrist & Reception/Administration team.

We are part of the Northamptonshire Rural Primary Care Network (PCN) working collaboratively with Byfield Medical Centre, Crick Medical Practice, Long Buckby Practice & Saxon Spires Practice.

The practice has always prided itself on providing high quality medicine in a traditional family practice setting, engaging with external agencies such as Primary Care Networks, Integrated Care Boards, NHS England, hospitals, community teams to ensure our services meet the needs of our patient group.

Through our website, we hope to improve our services for our patients and enable you to find information you require.

Our core values underpin everything we say and do:

  • Collaboration – effective teamwork is an essential component of general practice.  We achieve this through effective communication,  demonstrating a positive attitude and always respecting each other.

  • Working together for patients – being patient-focused, we strive to involve our patients at every stage of their journey with us, ensuring that we provide safe and effective care which meets the requirements of the patient.

  • Respect & compassion – we are all different and have different needs, yet respect is mutual.  We must show respect, understanding and compassion for others regardless of the situation.

  • Improving lives – we are committed to improving the level of service offered to our patients.  We are constantly seeking new ways of working to enhance service provision and the patient experience, introducing new technologies and methods of working to meet the expectations of our patient group.

Telephone Calls To & From GNWMP: 

We are duty bound to make patients aware that incoming and outgoing telephone calls are automatically recorded.  This is done for a variety of reasons, mainly to help with staff training and quality purposes. 


Both sites have CCTV installed.  Individuals' rights are respected and protected, are operated fairly and within the law, recorded material/data is accurate, securely stored and not kept for longer than necessary. 

Greens Norton & Weedon Medical Practice Team:

A range of healthcare professionals work at your surgery and in the wider community to help you get the right care when you need it.

Services in general practice and the community are being transformed to make it easier for you to access a wider range of help from your surgery, closer to home, by telephone or online.  This is part of the NHS long-term plan to offer people further choice and more joined up healthcare.

More healthcare professionals including Clinical Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Paramedics, Podiatrists and Social Prescribing Link Workers are being recruited nationally to work alongside GPs in wider networks of practices.  Our Reception Administrators will help guide you to the most appropriate care as soon as possible when booking you an appointment.

Care Navigators - our reception administration team are specially trained to know about the care and services available to you at your surgery and in your area.  The team will help navigate you to the most appropriate member of our health care team, which is not always the Doctor.  All our staff abide by the same professional and confidentiality standards.  They will ask you brief details about the reason you are requesting an appointment.

Advance Nurse Practitioners - are highly trained and have the knowledge and skills to manage all aspects of patient care.  

Alison S, James and Gemma, our Advance Nurse Practitioner, can help with diagnosing and treating health conditions, ordering tests and interpreting results and prescribing medication.

Practice Nurses - they undertake a wide range of roles and are involved in almost every aspect of a patient's care, assessing, screening, and treating people of all ages.  In addition to providing traditional aspects of nursing care such as wound care, immunisations, and administration of medicines, they run health checks and clinics for those with long-term conditions such as asthma, heart disease and diabetes.

Alison L, Helen, Hannah and Charlene, our Practice Nurses, can help with vaccinations and injections, supporting people with long-term conditions such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and diabetes, health living advice and family planning and sexual health advice, including smear tests.

Health Care Assistant - working under the guidance of a Practice Nurse, they help with routine health checks and provide patients with general health and well-being advice.

Zoe, Miranda, Lisa and Shirley, our HCA's, can help you with health checks such as blood pressure monitoring or taking samples, vaccinations and injections, healthy living advice such as stopping smoking or weight loss and dressing and stitch removals.

Clinical Pharmacist - experts in medicines and can help people stay as well as possible.  They support those with long-term conditions like high blood pressure or anyone taking multiple medicines to make sure their medication is working.  They work with GPs, local pharmacies, and hospitals to ensure that medicine services are joined up.  

Suzanne and Mirza, our Clinical Pharmacists can also help with in-depth reviews of your medicines if you have a long-term condition, agreeing and making changes to your prescription and advice about medicines and side effects.

First-Contact Physiotherapist - experts in musculoskeletal conditions.  They can assess, diagnose, and treat a range of complex muscle and joint conditions preventing the need for referrals to hospital.  They can arrange access to further treatment, investigations and specialists when needed.

Muhammad, our First-Contact Physio can also help with diagnosing and treating muscular and joint conditions, advising on how to manage your condition and referrals on to specialists services.

Paramedics - work in a variety of roles within general practice.  Their background in pre-hospital care means that are used to working with people with a variety of health conditions from coughs and minor injuries to more serious conditions such as asthma and heart attacks.  They work alongside GPs and help manage routine or urgent appointments, telephone triage (assessment of urgency of illness or injury) and home visits.

Louise, our Paramedic, can also help with diagnosing and treating health conditions and ordering tests and interpreting results.

Social Prescriber Link Workers - social prescribing involves helping people to improve their health and well-being by connecting them to activities in the community.  Link Workers connect those feeling lonely, overwhelmed or in need of help to a range of local support, from community and activity groups to work, debt or housing advice.

Helen, Ellis and Lizz, our Social Prescriber Link Workers, can help with getting people to focus on their own priorities and the things that affect their well-being as well as supporting people to take more control of their health and introducing people to groups and activities in the community.

Podiatrist - their role involves diagnosing, treating and managing complex foot problems that arise as a result of musculoskeletal, inflammatory, diabetic or vascular disease.

Richard, our Podiatrist, can help patients by examining their feet and lower legs to diagnose diseases, illnesses, or injuries.

GPs - 
oversee all aspects of patient care.  They meet regularly with other members of the practice team to plan joint approaches to co-ordinate a patients care.  All other members of the practice teamwork under the supervision of a GP.

Dr Asif Akram, Dr Lucas Denton, Dr Diane Geatch, Dr Ned Harper, Dr Sam Hartley, Dr Alice Lenton, Dr Louise Rayner, Dr Joe Robson, Dr Marina Rookledge, Dr Andy Schofield and Dr Laura Whitehouse, our GPs, can help with diagnosing and treating a health condition, ordering tests and interpreting results, prescribing medication where necessary, referring you to hospital and other medical services for urgent and specialist treatment.

Dispensers - led by our Lead Dispenser Vic, our team of dispensers provides medicines for those patients who live within the practice catchment area and do not live within one mile of a chemist.

Practice Management - here to ensure the smooth running of the practice and making sure the right systems are in place so we can continue to provide high quality care to our patients.

We are here to help you get the right care, as quickly and as conveniently as possible.  As part of the Enhanced Service we offer, appointments are available during a Tuesday evening and Saturday morning (bi-weekly) and you can also access a range of practice services online or via the NHS App on your smartphone.  

If we are closed and you need urgent medical help, go straight to NHS 111, the service is available 24/7 by telephone or online at 111.nhs.uk.

Thank you, #TeamGNWMP


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