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Medication Reviews Posted on 10 Jun 2022

We have been working on a medication review project since October 2020 where most patients on repeat medication will be invited for the relevant appointment with the Health Care Assistant or Nurse and/or a follow up appointment with the Clinical Pharmacist or Doctor in person or over the telephone. Reviews are done annually for most patients and you will be invited by text or letter.

We have two Clinical Pharmacists at the surgery who will review most patient’s medication on an annual basis. Their names are Mr Ridwan Patel and Mrs Suzanne Farrow.

If you have been diagnosed with a blood pressure problem, we strongly recommend you purchase a blood pressure monitor. See a link to our website for further information.

We also have a new protocol for contraceptive pill and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) issuing and monitoring. In the first instance you will be issued three months’ worth of medication and need a review before this runs out. You will then be issued six months’ worth of medication at a time but will need an annual review with the Prescribing Nurse or Doctor, which will also require blood pressure monitoring prior.

It is important that you are monitored regularly if you are taking medication, to ensure it is working and you are not experiencing side effects or any issues.

Repeat medication will be ready three working days after it is ordered (not including bank holidays or weekends) and any unused or unwanted medication can be returned to your usual pharmacy or dispensary.

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